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It's about a boy…

His name is John, he's 16, angry and lost. Sounds like a typical teen, right? John's also a street kid and a prostitute. Not so typical. But you know what? He's still John and that means that he's more than just those things…

"Look Up" is a short film that attempts to look through the stuff that makes us all want to turn away and shake our heads.

There's no soapbox—we threw it out. No beatings over the head—that's just mean. And no creepy Hallmark ending. Seriously, it's an observation and a conversation about life and the possibilities of what might happen if we begin to see beyond this human flesh.

We don't know if "Look Up" will cause everyone to hold hands and sing around the campfire. But, we can't help but wonder if addressing the subject of compassion, would help others to see people in a different light.








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